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    I wanna get it because I loved dirt rally, but I'm a bit apprehensive because a lot of the sim guys I watch on Youtube are saying its much more arcadey than Dirt Rally, as well as the FFB is more focused on weight than detail.

    Normally, I'd just buy it, but work has been slow lately.

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        I bought it last week. After about two hours in, I was ready to refund the game because some of the cons show themselves early on in the career like repetitive track generation, cars with sticky traction, lack of environments and no steam workshop support for setups. I decided to stick with it and I'm glad that I did. The largest issue I see talked about with the game is the excessive traction you get compared to Dirt Rally, which I didn't disagree with necessarily, until I realized that the vast majority of cars(fwd, awd, rwd) are tuned EXTREMELY conservative on default setups, which is obviously intentional. I couldn't get the ass end of the Alpine out from under me until I did a little setup work and it started feeling like home. Right now I'm doing career with the Lancia Stratos and it doesn't feel too different from the Stratos from Dirt Rally. Second part of the issue I see a lot is the fact you have to start with FWD/AWD cars until 5-7 hours into the career....I personally hated this. Every single one of my ~200 hours in Dirt Rally was in RWD cars, and I was forced to unlock "historical Rally" career from the normal career using cars I don't like driving. So obviously the FWD/AWD cars will feel excessively grippy compared to some drivers who only drove RWD cars.

        Another issue brought up a lot is the "my stage" auto generated tracks. Is it true you start to see repeated complexes on a track, sometimes on the same track? Sure. It's very evident at the beginning of the career where they are spoon feeding you easy tracks, so the track generation is predictable. But as you get farther into the career, tracks become unpredictable, more complex, and pretty difficult but fun. Do you still recognize some sets of turns? Yes(but they do change up the ambient scenery), but I personally think its a hell of a lot better than 2 tracks per environment that you race on over and over and over like in Dirt Rally. One of the pinnacle ideas about rally is you must listen to your codriver and wing it by the seat of your pants because you don't know the course like the back of your hand....Dirt Rally does not achieve this after racing each environment a few times. Dirt 4 does. The environments get a little samey after a while, but you will never memorize a track and there will always be an element of surprise no matter how good you get.

        Personally, codriver calls are perfectly adequate. They may be a bit non-linear in it's call out timings(too early in slow complexes, too late in fast complexes), but its easily fixed by letting them call out turns earlier in the menu. It took me a while to get used to the early calls, but ultimately made me a better driver. Replays are also a hell of a lot better, for instance, you can watch a whole replay from the helicopter cam. More dynamic effects on a track like sand storms or VERY heavy fog can roll in. Helicopters or drones can very rarely get super close to the track and kick up a lot of dust when you are coming down a track.

        Outside of gameplay: career is actually a lot of fun. You can pick up sponsors, hire different staff(PR, Engineers, recruiters), upgrade your facilities(in a menu based fashion), make custom liveries, upgrade your car(not in a performance way, but a reliability way).

        I think the game is worth it if you liked Dirt Rally.


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          Some rwd action. Wasn't the prettiest of runs, but it was a hard fucking track and don't have the 037 tuned to where I want it.


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            The replay cameras looks much better. Was it a generated stage?
            On the freeplay mode is everything unlocked from the beginning? I don't care for the career mode.

            I'll wait for a future steam sale, it's not a game that I play that often and Dirt Rally still ok, they're probably going to patch it up some of the stuff that sim racers are criticizing.

            I was thinking for a rally sim what would be better is a solid modding tool for creating stages. Colin McRae Rally probably has it, but outdated graphics.


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              All the tracks in the career are 'curated', so everyone will race the same track for each championship for leaderboard purposes, but it's built the same way as generated tracks. IE generic tiles put together to form a unique stage.