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  • Weird Wheel Bug

    Ok so I have had a random wheel bug that has become very frustrating and seems to be happening more often, and mainly when I join events on private servers.

    My car goes from handling a certain way during all my practice sessions then develops significant understeer. Always understeer. This doesn't happen when I am in our practice sessions, when I setup a session myself and rarely in pub lobbies, but it has happen quite often in our league races and happened again today in a quali session I was doing for another league once we switched to the private server.

    I try all the usual stuff, leaving and rejoin, reboot pCars, changing some of the setup and FB settings then saving it, going in and out of the pit multiple times, etc. I even tried adjusting the steering ratio, which helped a fraction, but not enough and causes other issues. Do you think this could be a Logitech Profiler issue? Why only on private servers?? As soon as I finish the session today I did a few laps on my own and everything was back to normal .

    Anyone else every had a problem like this, because honestly I just don't think I will want to race if it continues as it costs me a lot of time per lap, and mainly the car just becomes no fun to drive.

    Thanks in advance and any suggestions welcome.

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    I quit using profiler cause of that exact issue. Haven't looked back since.


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      Thanks Static, I will give this a try again, just strange it only really happens on private servers. One of the other guys I race with said it might be a connection/ping issue with the specific server, but that just seems even more bizarre.